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All of our designs are created through a close collaboration between our designer Elsa Lindström and principal dancers and soloists from the Royal Swedish Ballet who test our pieces repeatedly before we finally go into production.


Elsa Lindström has more than 30 years of experience as head of the men’s costume department at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm, Sweden. With an international reputation as a costumeur for both opera and ballet, Elsa has designed a line of bodywear for SECTOR 4 that is unique in its quality, simplicity and comfort.

After creating our designs, we begin our craftsmanship using an incredibly soft Italian microfibre fabric that has been tested for harmful substances. The fabric texture's elasticity varies in different directions in order to hug the dancers' muscles.

Our pieces are hand-cut and sewn carefully as we focus on high quality and care. Each garment is lovingly handmade in the EU, and all of our materials are made within the EU.

Each order is shipped in recyclable packaging.

We hope you move freely in your SECTOR 4 dancewear.

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